• Mac n Chi are two New Yorkers who grew up together and have been friends since high school. One has an insightful eye for sports, the other has a constant hunger for food. And together they can debate just about anything. A shame to only entertain ourselves with it.. it is now shared.. with the exception of our identity.
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MLB All-Star Game

Pretty impressive win for the National League last night.  I can’t wait to read the advanced metrics to learn who the stars of the game were. Advertisements

The War on WARP

    I’ve been buried at work for the past several months and so have not had a chance to blog about the NBA playoffs, draft and lockout, NFL lockout, first half of the MLB season, and myriad other sports issues.  Life is sane again for me and just in time for me to take … Continue reading

Top 5 Restaurants in NYC right now..

[1]     ABC KITCHEN: Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s farm to table restaurant may be his best yet. Great for lunch and excellent at dinner, ingredients come locally when possible. We consider it the best in town right now. It’ll be quiet at your table on occasion, not for lack of conversation – but stunned silence while tasting … Continue reading

Cafe Muzio, with a sinking feeling @ Choptank.. a restaurant pivots

Sitting down at Choptank, I ordered a cocktail. It was fancy, taking two sentences to describe.. intrigued by the sound of it, I ordered one. 14 was the magic number that night, not just the $ of the cocktail, but how long it took to get it to the table, I had nearly resorted to … Continue reading

Vietnam: Sapa (don’t be a sap.. ;)

It’s pitch black. The train stops short. Sleeping underneath a thin blanket, momentum rolls my body and *smack I slam into a wall. I start laughing. People want to see Sapa so badly; we endure a lot to get there. An overnight 9-hour sleeper train is just the start. Most cabins have 4 beds, some … Continue reading

I want Oysters!.. and make it ‘Happy’!!

I am pleased to announce, winter is dead. And what better way to celebrate than happy hour oysters?!.. it’s the perfect storm! For one, we can get to the place without having to bundle up like an eskimo (not to imply they don’t look great).. and secondly, it’s cool enough for the oysters to be … Continue reading

Anthony Adverse

A few days ago, Carmelo Anthony had a monster game for the Knicks, knocking down 6 (of 13) threes and generally dominating Indiana.  He even drained the go-ahead shot for the Knicks in the closing seconds and then blocked Danny Granger’s last second shot attempt to save the game.  I wrote a comment on probasketballtalk.com to the … Continue reading

Chumley’s: who’s the chump?

I was off to such a mixed start this morning. Got up at 5am, no good reason. It’s not like me, I don’t do insomnia. Normally, a second crack at falling back asleep would be in order But since 2007, construction starts outside my window at 7am promptly. If it isn’t against the law – … Continue reading

Vietnam: Hanoi with a side of Ha Long (Bay)

streets of Hanoi, Vietnam Watch yourself. I have to begin with a warning of scams – inventive ways to prey on visitors. Two to speak of, beginning with (1) hotels: once a hotel is reviewed in, say, Lonely Planet – clones will open by the same name on the same street. One street I looked … Continue reading

The NCAA Sucks

I had a post almost completed that addressed the Fab Five-Duke controversy, before stuff got in the way, and now it doesn’t quite feel right to post that one.  That doesn’t mean we have to leave college basketball, of course.   Fact: The NCAA sucks.   This is the first year of the NCAA’s 14 … Continue reading